Tumblr edit

Tumblr edit

So i love landscapes images, any time of the day i think the sky looks beautiful. Even if the weather is horrible and we get that a lot in London but hey – still the day can really change or reflect your mood so i think it says more than what people notice of it. I got so much images of the sky, sun setting, rainy clouds or even red sky i just can’t stop!

But when i found this image on imageshack i had an idea to just to a simple twist to it. I love triangles, actually i love circles to i just love anything simplistic and smooth and this image is just enough edited to make it look nice and not over do it. I can see this stuff on tumblr it has that vibe to it but lately i’ve been seeing this sort of design on Topshop and River Island tops and wondered what it will actually look like if i did get the time to get it printed hmm…


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