Animals Like Us?

deer Album Cover NewAlbum Cover


Album cover work i did for a client working with only their band name‘Animals like us’.
As they were very open with ideas and suggestions they let me get creative with what ever i wanted so i came up with the idea of combining animals with humans from their band name.
I thought it be a good idea to put animals in a human like form and the outcome was really nice.
The first idea was to use a static animal and place ‘him’ in human clothes, as deers are pretty powerful and pricey i thought this idea could represent the band well. The rough edges of the deer are intentional as it’s meant to look as if its cut out roughly and stuck down.
 A black and white option i thought was a good idea as it put a whole different spin on the final album work. It gives a more indie vibe and their style of music was indie/rock.
After doing some research most of the best indie album covers didn’t have much to do with the artist themselves.
 They never really featured on their covers and if they did the image was manipulated loads or animated. Most album work was random sketches or doodles which gave a laid back feel which i get from indie music.

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