Lion Album Cover New

Lion Album Cover Back9

Remember ‘Animals like you’ ?
For the second idea for the album cover work, i thought it be a good idea to try something a lil different but still keeping within the theme.
This look is much more fun. I got some images of animals that i thought were powerful or quirky opened them up in Photoshop and sketched them out using the pencil tool to give a quick doodle effect – to give that effortless look.
To go hand in hand with doodles i thought it was only right to add a paper effect, i had ideas about using a notepad background but the simpleness of the doodles and a notepad was too easy on the eye, by adding some definition with the texture of the rough scrunched up paper really took the image to another level.
By using the strongest image of the cover i just added a highlight to make it stand out a bit clearer.
This was the clients final choice out of the three i designed.
P.s this is just an example the logos was only used as a demonstration all their independent labels were lately added. 

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