FAD ( #LFW )

I got the chance to come down and do some photography for LFW. If you live in London and don’t know the acronym for that then I don’t know where you been infact – if you’re alive right now anywhere in the world and still unaware what those three crucial words stand for I have to ask you, hunny are you human?

London Fashion Week is in full effect and I was so lucky to be a part. Today Fashion college students from all over London got the chance to team up with FAD and over Summer to design a piece to rock the runway. The competition started with 100 and got shorten down to a mare 20 meaning competition was tough!

I got the special chance to be photographer for the day on behalf of my work, blogging on the go means I can only post pictures off my phone. But, fear not as soon as my images are onto the computer I will upload the gorgeous snaps of the night.

For the time being have a sneak peak of what I managed to capture through iPhone.





I got the chance to sample some freebies, who doesn’t love freebies – love these frozen yogurt desserts and fresh fruit topped.

Went digital today snapping on the cannon had trouble adjusting focus in such speed of the models but managed to get some good snaps which you’ll see soon – stay posted!

And great decor, located in Convent Garden, Free Masons Museum (I know I know) but great venue, amazing how they transformed it into a runway!

Stay tuned for more digital snaps soon


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