Behind the blog

If you ever wondered, ‘Hoo’ created this blog? Well today your question is answered.


To find out about the creator, read on read on!

I’m Cali and i live in the heart of England, London where I grew up all my life.

i’ve gained lot of life experiences by doing lot of education in Media which i enjoy the most.

Studying in secondary school ( if you’re American High School), and picking Media Studies as my first chosen subject to learn out of choice was the best decision I’ve made thus far. It led me to the path i’m currently taking now – which i love!

I then progressed into 6form, studying Media Studies, Photography and Product Design. The course i loved the most and out shined in was Media finishing my first year in A-Levels.

I realized picking options that i didn’t really want to study wasn’t helping me progress, in fact it affecting my grades. I left after my first year and headed off into a new journey into college, this is where i truly believe i found my passion and path i wanted to take. I studied Media Communication BTEC and opportunity to study the subject which i loved from the very start everyday.

After completing my two year course and leaving with a triple merit i then went on to continue my studies. At University i studied a Media Arts BA Hons degree, which was broken down into many sections such as;

  • Theory work
  • Photography
  • Digital Design
  • Video Production
  • Reporting
  • Blogging

After some time studying two years at uni i wanted a change. Studying Media for so long i did start to feel like i wasn’t learning anything new and wanted to get stuck into some work. I then looked for work and found a placement at working in a college doing Social Media B2C and events planning.

I devoted much of my time to my true passion and love for graphic design and media which has lead me to where i am today. I thank God the position i am in now but i am still not where i want to be. i’m still learning every day which it what i love the most – you can never know too much!

However i still do not know where i want to be, want path i want to follow and what job title i want to have. But all these experiences i’m learning everyday is helping me decide where i want to be.

I also love photography – i don’t get into it much but changing that! As i have no excuse my blog is up and running i will start to get back into the swing of capturing those moments i see everyday. I use both film and digital, my personal choice would be focusing on landscape and scenery photography.

I also love getting into graphic design which has been my passion from the start, which had led me to study Media. Here on my blog i will showcase all my work that i do for my own personal use and for other clients, friends and family.

I hope you understand my journey a bit more and get an insight on me more!





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