Have you ever felt like you’ve blossomed? Or are you a late bloomer?

Scrolling through old snaps I took, this snap outside my university park made me stop and ponder. Although I’ve seen this picture 100 times before as I used it as part of my ‘life’ project, today it had a new meaning.

So… back to blossoming.

If you think I’m talking about looks, think again. Today I took a step back and had a look at my life. I’ve come a long way and I’m the sort of person who always thinks I’m doing average or not enough and compare my life to others.

Today I analysed my life, I’m doing ok! I’ve achieved a lot, I’m healthy, I’m happy, educated, I’m on path and I know I need more. I’ve finally stop placing my self in last place to others around me and placed my self on a single journey.

I’m not rushing nothing nor am I comparing myself – my journey requires my own speed!

So although a flower might of blossomed in summer and a different kind of flower blossomed in autumn, each happened in their own time. Too early it wouldn’t reach it’s full potential, too late and it wouldn’t survive.

So take your time and blossom when your ready.


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