BFI – London Film Festival


Lucky enough i, along with 400 other young people got the opportunity to watch the film first before anyone else. I would honestly recommend this film for everyone to watch, young or old. I believe this was a brilliant twist on the typical teenage black-cast film, from the gun violence, knife crime, teenage pregnancy and poor council lifestyle however this was funny, comedy based, dash of African culture, music, boys chasing girls and living on a estate.

Gone Too Far’ (2013),  is a British film located in one of London’s most multicultural areas Southeast London, Peckham. The film follows a young boy called Yemi trying to fit in, in the usual typical male teenager life football and chasing after girls.

However his life is interrupted when his mother announces his brother from Nigeria is coming over to live with them. On arrival Yemi is shocked by the culture difference of his older brother. He struggles to accept his brother with his loud dress sense the very un-stylish white socks and sandals and strong Nigerian accent.

The film takes you on a journey where Yemi tries to hide his brother from his friends and the girl he fancies as he is too embarrassed. Yemi’s brother Ikudiasy constantly reminds Yemi to be proud of where he comes from and should embrace his roots. The film stirs up some trouble as the brothers find themselves in some ‘beef’ between the girl he fancies (Armani) and her ex boyfriend (Razor).

Not your typical teenage gun violence film as this film plays on the Caribbean vs African tension that is rising between the youths of today. The moral that i went away with after watching this film was that, segregating people because of their colour, or race is not worth it! Throughout the film the West-Indian boys admire and always playing the music from a artist who is popular at the time only to realise at the end of the film he is actually African. Just showing it doesn’t matter WHERE you are from!

Watch this film and expect lot of drama and laughs. Gone too far, is set out like ‘Friday’ so if you love watching how much drama can be stirred up just in 24 hours on the Peckham estate then this is a must watch – trust me!


Armani, Yemi and  Ikudiasy (Yep that is boy from the heart wrenching drama ‘ My Murder’)


Yemi and  Ikudiasy


Armani and her best friend Paris ( ohh yess she is staring in the BBC 3 series ‘Some Girls’)

(Credit to Google for sharing these stills from the movie)


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