Quick trip to Mexico!

So, as a Londoner I’m officially allowed to moan and bitch about the terrible weather we’ve been having as of lately and how everyday is literally a struggle to hop out of bed.

Getting in the mood for work is like pulling teeth. It’s soo cold and gloomy and what’s worse is…dare I actually admit it, it’s *sigh* it’s not even that cold, I know it’s just going to get colder waawaawaahhh.

Well, it’s no shock I’m a bit of a bore when it comes to trying new food, c’mon I’m a Taurus we DON’T like change (that’s my excuse to make me feel better). So when it comes to lunch, Tesco’s meal deals usually get me through those long ass days.

More to the point, had an event in Pall Mall today near Charing Cross and my mate suggested a new place to eat…well let me allow the pictures to explain.
















So this was my exciting lunch, I went back to work with a salsa in my walk. I must admit though I was a bit of chicken and I went with a mild grilled chicken burrito with salsa, guacamole, onions n tomato rice but you see that sauce ooooo it deffo amped it up!

It was so firey I loves it, I love heat, but I like it to my taste. Overly hot food isn’t for me, but when I can add it to food, (like a sauce to dip) mmmm perfecto, plus I needed that spice to warm me up.

The food was soo tasty and I kind of kicked myself for not being more willing to try more different dishes in the past, I always just stick to fajitas and nachos – don’t judge me!

However, I would recommend this lil taste of Mexico. It’s quirky inside and it’s got a view that’s nice to stare out. The decor is something I didn’t expect, seems like a perfect chill out spot. The price was right and you get served as you would in Subway. Choose as you wish for toppings and pay and to top it off, you get served in those cute American style baskets.

Don’t really have one bad thing to say about it so,

Check it out guys!


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