Your Creative Future!


If you’re a bit like me and always had some sort of creative buzz, then continue reading.

I’ve always had a strong passion for media and designing since school days – although I’m not the greatest (as of yet, gotta dream big guys) I’m learning new skills everyday and that’s what I love about my choice of creativeness. I love love love to learn and to see my work around London, get recommended and being locked up in my room and reading up on new tutorials online.

If you want to read other people just
like me to get inspired or you just think ‘I just do this for fun man’ then have a look and maybe see how it can help you or others.

My Creative Future is a useful site where you can find all the latest internships, apprenticeships, jobs and case studies.

It’s a brilliant platform where you can go to get some ideas on the path you wish to take. Read up on other young people who are creative and find out how they’re getting on with building their future.

It’s really hard to find a job these days where you actually enjoy, you should never settle for less. If like me, this site will be so helpful for those looking to turn their hobby into a career. I’m always on here reading up on the latest places where I can apply my skills for a job.

The good thing is, even if you don’t have a job and just really passionate about your creative life – let’s say music is your passion and you do it 24/7, email My Creative Future ( to get a case study template where you can list all your achievements, videos, song links, websites, blogs, social media platforms and on this site, someone may notice you or you may inspire someone else or get inspired yourself!

I really love this idea of everyone helping each other out and a hub for young people to visit, to find the latest creative jobs.

Don’t forget to check it out!



Logo made and printed onto business cards – everyone should get some, it’s really quick to be made and easy to hand out when you’re at events or networking.

So, I really loved being a part of this, so glad to be able to join in.

Have a look at the Twitter @mycreative1 to keep updated!

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