Bit of sparkle


So, I thought i would sprinkle a little variation into my blog and considering I’m tiny winy bit obsessed with polished nails, I thought I’ll start it off with just that.

I tried a few different polishes in the past, Rimmel, Models Own, H&M – However, Barry M for me personally wins by far.

Normally I’d stay far far away from glitter, as it’s a right pain in the arse to remove.  But seriously, how can I not?

It’s soo close to Christmas and in in the mood for some dazzle, shazam, sparkle and bling bling all up in yo face.

So when I saw the collection – I just had to grab it!


You can buy it here > Official Website < for a really reasonable price. Have a look at their other products, i’m simply in love.



I applied one gold undercoat as I assumed, like most glittery polishes i would need to pile on at LEAST two coats to get a good pay off.

This just was not the case here. One coat gave me this amazing finish.


I think it looks perfect for the festive season, I think it could even be my choice for New Years to!




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