The lovely Michelle Hung (VirgosAndKisses) tagged me, so glad she did coz’ I had a lot of fun with it. Check out her blog here

Hope you like this tag, something different, but I really enjoyed this and such a great way to get bloggers together. I tag you all to get involved – tweet me @hoodidthat so I can read your post. Enjoy!

1. My names Shanice, but most people call me Cali, as it’s part of my surname. Since school it was a nickname that started from ‘Facebook dayz’ and has kinda stuck.

2. My mum is  from Barbados and my pups is from Grenada. So I’m loving my Caribbean culture!

3. I’m a Taurus baby! Google traits and personality of a Taurus and that’s me all over.

4. My fav shop would have to be h&m. It never lets me down, dress up or dress down mi love it! Also so flipping reasonable when it comes to price.

5. I can’t standdd cold weather. I’m known to start crying when it gets too cold – Yes I’m a big baby! So when it snows you’ll find me indoors!

6. Sigh, it’s taken me years to finally admit this but…I just can’t do heels man. I’m more of a wedge girl or chunky boots. If I hadddd to wear heels, it would be to a sit down meal or to a club that I know for sure we got a table – Don’t judge me.

7. I hate exams. I did my best to pick all subjects that was practical. Media, Art, Food Tech and History. I get too nervous, forget everything, panic and watch everyone wiz past the paper.

8. I have a slight obsession with nail polish. I hateee chipped nails and bare nails. My fav colour I think would be light blue I think it suits my hands, you know when you can’t stop starring, sad I know.

9. I don’t eat sweets or chocolate, I can’t remember the last time I went shop and bought any.

10. I can’t get enough of mac & cheese when I know that’s for dinner, you’ll see me skipping around the house with a grin from ear to ear.

11. I like to swim (where my feet can touch the bottom, does that count?) I hate rough water, deep water and water slides/parks. I always have bad dreams regarding rough water so I stay well away.

12. I’ve never been Burger King.

13. I hate strawberries.

14. I would like to get married one day, but I never dreamt of a perfect wedding. Tbh i’ll just be looking forward to the after party haha!

15. The world would have to stop spinning for me to get angry.

16. Once I hear something interesting I have to search until I find peace with a reasonable answer. Not too long ago for like a week, I was up to 5am researching the truth about Egypt.

17. I have a serious phobia for butterflies. It’s really annoying as people think I’m kidding until I cry.

18. I used to bite my nails when I was nervous, now I pick my nail polish off.

19. Once I woke up screaming down the house as a massive green cricket was on my neck in the summer. Ever since then, I never ever sleep with the window open no matter how hot I get.

20. I never tasted coffee.

21. I met Prince Charles before, he told me to stay in school.

22. I was featured in an article in The Evening Standard when I was younger and my mum went out and bought like 12 copies.

23. I have really bad eye sight. I walk past so much people I know and wave to strangers. My glasses are in such bad condition eeekkk

24. I always order double JD and Coke. First drink I ordered in a bar and never changed it since.

25. I’m really greedy when it comes to food but…I’m really fussy and I hate when people force me to try new food.

Whoop so that’s all 25 random questions about me. Hope you enjoyed the read and now know a liddle bit more about cha girl.

Let me know if you do the tag to so I can read guys.



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