Lovers Treat.

Let’s start the year off by being organised! I thought of some cute way to have fun on your Valentine’s Day, which is quickly approaching.

I created these little ‘I Owe You’ love vouchers, which can easily be printed off or e-mailed to that special someone. I didn’t forget about the guys either, i have a something for you to.

flower v.d

All you have to do is, give the batch of cards to your other half and then the decision is all theirs.

They give you back the card whenever they’re feeling for that special extra treat.

All you have to do is return the favour with whatever is on the card and enjoy *wink wink*

breakfast in bed v

bubble bath



lunch date


no phones

weekend get away

Boy oh boy we couldn’t forget the lads, could we?

breaskfast in bed b

double date

Drinks n Dinner


games night

massage boy

Movie Date action

Road trip

You could switch up the cards and you can hand them out when you want your partner to do that something cute for you instead.

Either way, it’s a nice treat to have some time alone. Sometimes we get so caught up in our every day busy lives we forget we need a tad bit of pampering here and there so this small reminder can help us keep that spark alive. Keep the cards for throughout the year so them glum days you can relighttt the fireeee.

Hope you enjoyed 😛


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