A day in America..

So, I took a quick trip to America this week and I absolutely loved it…ok I lied.

I really just went on a 45min train journey to Shoreditch – Brick Lane and had dinner with my boy.

However, I didn’t lie – we got a real taste of America with this lush food we dived into.

After a good ol bit of cheesy tourism and photoshoot in the local area we needed to fill our tums. Sorry all my fitness fanatics, all my abs no kebabs, all my fruit smoothies for breakfast peeps you may want to look away. Actually, you might want a break from my blog as this visit is just one of the many more to come, as I have a check list in progress *hides face* but… Back to my point, yes ok we needed to fill our tums and no better place to than The Diner.

A blend of grilled, cheesy, deep fried, juicy, crispy, finger licking, pass me another napkin, undoing my jeans button type of restaurant! Boy oh boy The Diner didn’t disappoint. After drooling at the large menu I felt spoilt for choice, the type where you say to yourself ‘ I’m going to order this stuff today, next time I’ll get that though ‘ before my food even came.

So I took a few snaps here’s what I captured on the night.













So as you can see it was not for gym minded and more for the man vs food !

We ordered
– Chilly cheesy fries and normal fries
– Beef hot dog, with bacon and Swiss cheese
– Juicy Lucy, pulled pork and coleslaw burger
– Deep fried shrimp
And an extra pound or two in weight lol!

The service was amazing, friendly retro staff to go with the American theme, really quick from Liverpool Street Station, big enough for a group of you guys to attend for dinner, really convenient plugs under your chairs to charge up your life line. Not too forget great prices!

I’m giving this my approval and thumbs up!!!

Here’s the address make sure to visit.

128-130 Curtain Road
United Kingdom


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