Lock your love in London!

As you may or may not know, in France there is a popular spot for you love birds or great friends.

A place where you secure your love for one another. A place where you lock that moment in time forever. A place where one day you promise to go back, just to find that spot to rekindle your love.

Well, I found an exact spot but, you don’t need your passport nor the Euro tunnel, just your Oyster card.



Right outside Shoreditch train station, as you exit, you’ll find a huge metal fence where people have started the locking locks trend here. It really is something special.

Whether you’re reading the messages on the locks, or you trying to picture the couple who locked the locks or even locking one with your other half then and there – it really is an amazing idea I’m glad I stumbled upon it.

Check it out it’s a perfect ‘Must Do’ for Valentines Day

Tweet me a pic if you visit/visited


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