Manipulating an image

I thought i’d show you a quick way to make use of photos you take. Simple edits can change the meaning of what you’ve captured.

I always think every image is a good image but, it can be better depending on its use.


Original Picture.


Contrast and levels adjusted.


Removed colour to black and white.


Straightened and cropped.


Added new layer with white fill, then adjusted and lowered the opacity.


Added new layer with white fill, then added noise reduced opacity once again.


Added new layer on top of all three previous layers, used pencil tool white and added random scratches over image.


Added new layer, used a large brush with different blues, greens and reds around image to add warmth and tones back. Lowered opacity after.


Added text to pull the image together.



Lastly added logo in the corner of image.


So, its gone from old stairs in the car park to an image than can be used for motivation or more likely Tumblr.

My advice would be to those interested in photography. don’t just take pictures of people and landscapes. capture what your eyes actually see everyday then play around with tones and contrast and levels and highlights and cropping and resizing and rotating and duplicating and and and and and the list goes on.

Its amazing and by chance that a photo isn’t edited, it doesn’t make your pictures less of a picture is just shows the endless possibilities a image can hold.


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