Life in pictures

IMG_3401IMG_3400IMG_3408IMG_3431 IMG_3437IMG_3424IMG_3409IMG_3049IMG_3816IMG_3801IMG_3799IMG_3798IMG_3789IMG_3788IMG_3775IMG_3756IMG_3754IMG_3753IMG_3735IMG_3408IMG_3278IMG_3274

Here are some photos of me behind the camera over the last couple of days.

No structure, just a few from a night out, night ins, birthday parties to dinner.

Family members and friends, just testing my camera and editing.


5 thoughts on “Life in pictures

  1. Really great Pictures. What’s the make/model of the camera. I have been reading all about cameras and how to tweak them to get great indoor and outdoor pictures for my blog. I plan to get one this weekend.


    • Thank you really appreciate that, I vary in camera sometimes different canon models or analog but these pictures are from a canon dslr yh I’m still learning myself I keep reading other blogs


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