Saying goodbye to Summer

I have recently been back on designing flyer ideas for anyone who was interested and luckily enough the guys Deep Sound Experience Uk had some work for me!

They planned an event to be held September, Sunday 21st 2014 and needed some art work for the occasion.

As mentioned in a post before, I work very closely with Deep Sound Experience UK / #DSEUK

I am part of the team when it comes to Photography, Graphic Designer and social media assistant. I’m no where near an expert or business woman, I just do what I can – to the best of my ability and share my ideas with them.

If you didn’t know they specialize in #HouseMusic – so anything from #deep, #technical and #minimal house. Usually from the hours of 12pm – 12am (Also known as an all dayer). They provide you with nothing but house music in an indoor/outdoor venue. Also what’s unique about Deep Sound Experienceis that they team up with Jerk Centre who cater in Caribbean food. So on the night you can expect fresh food straight off the jerk pan food whilst you party.

In short, that is what you can expect from an event they hold but – I suggest you follow them on Twitter if you do wish to read up about them a bit more…

So back to this post. I designed the flyer for their event set out for the end of summer and I must admit this design is my all time fav!
The colours really do remind me of a sunset which I think really tied in with what they was trying to go for.

So have a look at the art work, the event was called ‘Closure‘ and was a real success. I will be updating you guys on how the event went next week – so stay tuned for that! 🙂

P.S the last poster is just a basic design of all the vital information which is used for promotion on the streets. It’s a simplified idea so that people walking past or driving get a quick glimpse of the most important info. (Just incase why you’re wondering why it is so plain)


Closure edited1Closure Back bwDSE Plain Poster21


You can find Deep Sound Experience UK on

Twitter: @deepsoundexpuk

Instgram: @deepsoundexpuk


Flickr: Deepsoundexpuk

Hashtag #DSEUK




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