Here it is guys – as promised an update from  Deep Sound Experience UK last event called ‘Closure’.

I’ve picked some of the best photos from the night, the rest will be on their  Flickr so make sure you have a peek over there.

IMG_5371 IMG_5398 IMG_5410 IMG_5423 IMG_5432 IMG_5445 IMG_5480 IMG_5487 IMG_5512 IMG_5529 IMG_5570 IMG_5643 IMG_5651 IMG_5673 IMG_5695



It was an enjoyable night, the vibe was perfect filled with the best sounds in House, the weather was also perfect,

so that was great as the venue is an outdoor/indoor club. Jerk Centre did NOT disappoint when it came to

providing us with the best Caribbean food. Overall, I had such a good night with friends and family and dancing my life away. Can’t wait for the next event guys!

Deep Sound Experience Info

Twitter: @DeepSoundExpUK

Instagram: @deepsoundexpuk




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