As spring is approaching and the sun is making it’s well over due appearance nothing goes better with sunshine than music, right?

Wether you’re cruising around in the car, chilling in the park or doing squats in the gym to get that booty tight for summer, we all need good music to vibe to!

So, i’ve collaborated with Jerome Six once again to bring you guys and girls Automation.



I designed the art work for the cover for Automation perfect blend of visuals that just scream summer!

Enquires for designs/artwork

However, you can expect to be fist pumping away and shuffling into the sunset with this perfectly mixed hour long session recorded live from his biweekly show on ModeFM Thursdays between 9pm and 11pm!

It’s something thats upcoming, so you’ll be hearing a lot more fresh mixes as summer is creeping upon us andddd definatly another all-dayer to attend to – one not to be missed of course. I mean, who would’nt wanna be dancing the day away in the sun, with some fresh jerk chicken off the grill whilst listening to nothing but deep, technical house? C’monnn!

But for now, have a listen here now 


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