Fresh Start

So, as you may have noticed I have recently changed my blog url from ‘Hoo Did That’ to ‘Caliography’.

Although I believed Hoo Did That was cleaver and catchy – it just wasn’t me. The idea of Hoo Did That all started when I wanted my blog to be based around photography and graphics and when I uploaded a new post I wanted people to be like “Oo who did that? “Oh wow, who did that flyer design?” and I could be like Oh heyy gurlll it was me!

That’s where the owl logo came into it – the hooting sound was similar to the word who which was going to be the main question around my blog and then, boom two ideas collided together and “Hoo Did That” was born.

So yeah, although it was pretty clever, quirky and fun and all those word do describe me, it really isn’t me. I wanted something that kind of belonged to me on a more personal vibe. Everyone knows me as Cali and I really do enjoy photography, it’s something I want to pursue and learn more about- which will come with time and practice.

So as I am in the process of buying new equipment I thought it was a perfect time to start fresh with the blog too.  I do this for a hobby and I thought I may as well just take the time to start over.

Cali’ography is a bit more of me. It’s a combination of Cali and photography, its a lot more simplified and at least it now has my name on it so that my work can now be easily recognized with me. It’s easy to understand and something that doesn’t really need explaining which I prefer.

I’m really excited to learn and get more into blogging but hey i’m a bit of a perfectionist and get bored very quickly if things don’t go to plan. I have high hopes that this fresh start will get me back into the swing of blogging. I hope you guys likey!


New Social Media:

Twitter @caliography_

Instagram @caliography_


Cali WordPress Signature


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