Worth The Wait

Summer is coming and what better time to get in the mood than to listen to some proper tunes!

I designed the cover for Jerome Six’s new promo, the only thing is guys…there is a bit of  a wait, yeah I know you want it now – but hey, all good things come to those who wait, right? June 1st isn’t too far to wait anyways so let’s count down the days together.

But, in the meantime how about we just take a look at the artwork…

I tried something a little bit different and unusual from me but I think it kind of works. It has a bit of a galaxy feel to it you know, something out of this world and out of my comfort zone too. I am learning to adapt to new ideas and try unique designs in my work. Time to step out and let my creativity take me to new places.


It reminds me of something mysterious however the colours and tones make me think it’s an end of a summers day.  You may see this one above floating around on Jerome Six’s Twitter and Instagram so here is the original.

P.S Follow all Jerome Six’s social media on the artwork and help support please!

jerome six june promo

Let me know what you think guys and girls, I love getting feedback as it helps me to improve.


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